Sunday, November 01, 2009

Moo Business Cards/Mini cards Sample

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I recently ordered a free sample of Moo business cards from my images. And as good as most of them turned out, I had issues with two of my images. Like serious beef! For now, I will be talking about this image here.

As you can notice, the image has some subtle detail in the darker areas, and the shadow of the back of my head is distinguishable from the darkness of the wall. However, the images that Moo printed were too dark. (In both cases—the other photo was of me in front of a white background.)

Looking at those images made me go "wow! are my images really that dark?" Even in lightroom, I can see that there is considerable detail in those grey areas. But the prints are just flat black. I am no professional, and so have no idea where the error lies. But for a simple consumer, this may be quite a turn off.

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