Thursday, August 09, 2007

And they couldn't be saved...

It was a really sad day for me and all my friends who knew him. Even though he wasn't exactly my type, I was fine with hanging with him for the time I was at sujta's place. A lot of times there would be music that not everybody liked, but he still kept quiet and played. There were times when he would start acting up when we forced him to run the intensive applications like photoshop instead of just working with paint. Sujata was the one that cared about him the most.

Then one day, him and sujata were travelling together, and sujata got lost and acted careless for one moment and it was over. It was not intentional, I know. Just one of the many silly mistakes that we all make. Maybe not as much as sujata, but we do. (case in point, the time when sujata came to meet me in the intercontinental hotel mumbai) But anyways, back to the story, she was careless for a few moments(yes, again) and he was snatched. GONE! She tried looking for him but she couldn't find him. I know she mourned and grieved harder and longer than any of us. After all, he was like, lets stop.

And besides the financial reason, the bigger setback was because all the memories we had in him, all the photos all the videos all the art we did together, was gone. Just vanished in thin air. But, luckily, I still have these photos that sujata sent me. but the others couldn't be saved. I wish she had backed them up

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