Thursday, December 20, 2007

Flickr upload from lightroom!

Looking up!
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Today, I ran into a silly little problem while uploading images to flickr. I saw that the keywords that I had applied to my photo, showed up as one long keyword, enclosed in quotes. So I Ventured out to find lightroom groups on flickr and ask my question. I joined two groups, one called presetting lightroom, and second, just Adobe lightroom. I haven't gotten around to exploring presetting lightroom yet, but Adobe lightroom is a HUGE group! (I haven't figured out how to add links to the blog post from flickr or else I'd have linked the groups!)

And in the discussion, 'flickr export from lightroom, I found out a great new way to upload my photos photos directly from Lightroom! Well, its a two step process, so involves going through flickr uploader too, but its faster than manually exporting your photos from lightroom and then uploading them to flickr. I previously used pictureSync, which I admit is not a very bad workflow either, but It only provides limited functionality in its free mode, and expects you to pay for the full version.

The process involves installing flickr uploadr that you can download for free from the flickr website, and creating an alias. (or shortcut if you're on windows) Put the alias inside the home or user/library/application support/adobe/lightroom/export action/ folder ( for windows should be something similar...) then in lightroom, go to file>export or right click on a photo or selection of photos, and go to export>export... In the export dialog box, scroll down to post processing, and select flickr uploadr. and save this preset as flickr or flickr upload. Now whevever you use export>flickr, it will export the image, and start flickr uploadr!

You now just need to select the preferred options inside flickr uploadr and away you go! I've noticed the tags transfer over properly, and the filename is what it will use as title. I heard on some of the discussions that in certain cases, it will look for title in the the itpc data. I don't always title all my photos in lightroom, so I can't say anything for sure. But this has really changed my flickr life, and I'm really happy!

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