Thursday, October 26, 2006

comic strip 1

comic strip 1, originally uploaded by yashrg.

I recently found this cool tool at to create your own south park avatar and I couldnt resist trying it out and it got really addictive. then I used fd`s flickrtoys to make the thought bubble and here it is!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Looking at old photographs on flickr

This can be rather difficult for free users since Photostream and archive only keeps track of latest 200 photos. so I was searching Google for 3rd party apps that can see all the photos uploaded by me. I remember visiting one such site in the past but I haven't saved any bookmark to it so I cant go back. If anybody out there knows, please tell me. I really really need it. Because the only other way is to have all the 300 photos uploaded by me in one place is to put them in a group. But so far, my group has only about 262 photos so far. I am trying to search with the tags finepixf10zoom and yashrg Both should give me maximum of my photos. I don't know what I`ll do about the others. Maybe search in groups for photos I've posted in the past. Yea! That would be a good idea!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

because I miss you guys

cheers-the name of our group!, originally uploaded by yashrg.

This photo was in the private category but because I wanted to blog it, flickr said I`d have to make it public. So I did. sorry to my friends if they didnt want this photo to BE public.

From left to right, mohini, ME, Sujata, Sumit, Pranjali. have a happy dhanteras and happy diwali.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Flower on lawn

Flower on lawn, originally uploaded by yashrg.

I finally got some of my photos printed yesterday and they looked even more stunning on paper than I had expected. I brought them home to show it to mom and kalpesh bhaiya was also there..and while talking to him she said what I just cant forget! she said photos from digicams are very nice. She was giving all the credit to the camera! not fair!

There are exceptional photographers who can take great photos with film too!! and Not everyone who owns a digicam can take as good pictures as what I had gotten printed. I did try to explain that to her but I dont know to what extent she understood it.. well, anyways, I forgive her for being so naive.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Finder Icon

Finder Icon, originally uploaded by yashrg.

This is my most interesting photo on my photostream currently. It has 377 views and 7 favourites and 50 comments(including my responses) so I think its high time I put this on the blog because this is also the first one to make it to the explore pages and stay there for quite some time. just cant help but think it could have been better.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Samurai sword

Samurai sword, originally uploaded by yashrg.

Another image just about to be removed from my flickr photostream because I have been adding new photos to it. Recently varun bhaiya also saw my photos and was very impressed by it. he also told about my photos to his contact, a good photographer on orkut and we taalked and I had to add her as a friend on orkut so that I could get some help when I needed some. also told to ruchi didi about this who has since, visited my photostream and added to favourite, a photo which is a mosaic of my favourites...heh...I think I should make a mosaic of all the photos of mine that have been favourited...

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