Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cute anshul

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I wanted to announce that I recently closed down my yahoo photos account and migrated all my photos to flickr. And as I did that, I got a three months free pro account which I intend to fully utilize! I might even go ahead and purchase a year's pro membership!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Found out a flickr secret

what cartoons!
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This is actually a kind of backdoor for the free users to be able to look at their full resolution images. I was looking through the old photographs of creative i college because I wanted pranav's picture for reference. I was trying to draw profile or 3 quarters views of him, and was not quite successful. So I clicked on one of the photos of the class decoration contest, which I remembered I had uploaded in full resolution!

Earlier, when I was not using the all sizes greasemonkey script, I had tried going into the all sizes page for that photo, and I only saw the large size as the biggest. But lately, I've had the script installed on my browser, so today, I clicked on all sizes, and the all sizes+ options appeared, and I clicked on original, and view image. I was pleasantly surprised to see the whole 3024x2016 image load up! I went wow This is amazing!

So for all u free users, if you don't have to upload a lot of images in a month, you can post your high res images on flickr, and always have access to them through this script!

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