Thursday, December 20, 2007

Flickr upload from lightroom!

Looking up!
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Today, I ran into a silly little problem while uploading images to flickr. I saw that the keywords that I had applied to my photo, showed up as one long keyword, enclosed in quotes. So I Ventured out to find lightroom groups on flickr and ask my question. I joined two groups, one called presetting lightroom, and second, just Adobe lightroom. I haven't gotten around to exploring presetting lightroom yet, but Adobe lightroom is a HUGE group! (I haven't figured out how to add links to the blog post from flickr or else I'd have linked the groups!)

And in the discussion, 'flickr export from lightroom, I found out a great new way to upload my photos photos directly from Lightroom! Well, its a two step process, so involves going through flickr uploader too, but its faster than manually exporting your photos from lightroom and then uploading them to flickr. I previously used pictureSync, which I admit is not a very bad workflow either, but It only provides limited functionality in its free mode, and expects you to pay for the full version.

The process involves installing flickr uploadr that you can download for free from the flickr website, and creating an alias. (or shortcut if you're on windows) Put the alias inside the home or user/library/application support/adobe/lightroom/export action/ folder ( for windows should be something similar...) then in lightroom, go to file>export or right click on a photo or selection of photos, and go to export>export... In the export dialog box, scroll down to post processing, and select flickr uploadr. and save this preset as flickr or flickr upload. Now whevever you use export>flickr, it will export the image, and start flickr uploadr!

You now just need to select the preferred options inside flickr uploadr and away you go! I've noticed the tags transfer over properly, and the filename is what it will use as title. I heard on some of the discussions that in certain cases, it will look for title in the the itpc data. I don't always title all my photos in lightroom, so I can't say anything for sure. But this has really changed my flickr life, and I'm really happy!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

And they couldn't be saved...

It was a really sad day for me and all my friends who knew him. Even though he wasn't exactly my type, I was fine with hanging with him for the time I was at sujta's place. A lot of times there would be music that not everybody liked, but he still kept quiet and played. There were times when he would start acting up when we forced him to run the intensive applications like photoshop instead of just working with paint. Sujata was the one that cared about him the most.

Then one day, him and sujata were travelling together, and sujata got lost and acted careless for one moment and it was over. It was not intentional, I know. Just one of the many silly mistakes that we all make. Maybe not as much as sujata, but we do. (case in point, the time when sujata came to meet me in the intercontinental hotel mumbai) But anyways, back to the story, she was careless for a few moments(yes, again) and he was snatched. GONE! She tried looking for him but she couldn't find him. I know she mourned and grieved harder and longer than any of us. After all, he was like, lets stop.

And besides the financial reason, the bigger setback was because all the memories we had in him, all the photos all the videos all the art we did together, was gone. Just vanished in thin air. But, luckily, I still have these photos that sujata sent me. but the others couldn't be saved. I wish she had backed them up

Monday, July 30, 2007

ROM is the place to be!

Crystal at dusk
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This is the first time I'm posting a picture taken by someone other than me on my blog. Just because I didn't have a camera when I went to the rom on saturday and sunday! Apart from being totally breathtaking, it also doesn't cost me anything to go there over and over again now because I've already gotten a student membership. So I'm hoping, some day when I get my own camera, I will come up with beautiful photographs like this one too.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cute anshul

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I wanted to announce that I recently closed down my yahoo photos account and migrated all my photos to flickr. And as I did that, I got a three months free pro account which I intend to fully utilize! I might even go ahead and purchase a year's pro membership!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Found out a flickr secret

what cartoons!
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This is actually a kind of backdoor for the free users to be able to look at their full resolution images. I was looking through the old photographs of creative i college because I wanted pranav's picture for reference. I was trying to draw profile or 3 quarters views of him, and was not quite successful. So I clicked on one of the photos of the class decoration contest, which I remembered I had uploaded in full resolution!

Earlier, when I was not using the all sizes greasemonkey script, I had tried going into the all sizes page for that photo, and I only saw the large size as the biggest. But lately, I've had the script installed on my browser, so today, I clicked on all sizes, and the all sizes+ options appeared, and I clicked on original, and view image. I was pleasantly surprised to see the whole 3024x2016 image load up! I went wow This is amazing!

So for all u free users, if you don't have to upload a lot of images in a month, you can post your high res images on flickr, and always have access to them through this script!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Disco Lights in Explore

Disco Lights
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I am so happy, because its after a really long time that one of my photos has shown up in flickr's explore pages. It reached a high of 313. It only appeared after I deleted it from many group pools and brought down the number of groups to 10. And it wouldn't have been if it wasn't for greenmonster. so a big thanks goes out to her.

Monday, February 26, 2007


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One of the photos I'm chaging the upload date so that other better 200 photos stay in my photostream. the light arrow.

Friday, February 16, 2007

A cool photo browser

got this at pictobrowser. all my photos tagged with macro.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Pranav Daure

Pranav Daure
Originally uploaded by yashrg.
He`s really starting to get on my nerves these days. He hasnt been communicating with me lately. I asked him to come online more than three times and he hasnt showed up once! I wish I could get there and give him one tight slap on the face. I have noone else whom I can share my feelings with here. It feels like I`m isolated or banished,shunned. I cant keep going like this anymore.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Originally uploaded by yashrg.
I was showing these photographs to my landlord the other day and he said it could also be HO! hah! yeah if I just flip it horizintally... no one will even notice.

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