Monday, November 03, 2008

Mind map

Mind map for painting
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We were told to do this painting for our class based on the words that signify someone important in your life.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wires to wirelessly network your home

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This is ridiculous. I don't know where this was taken. They obviously need to hire more people who know about networking and fire those electricians.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Nikon D40 from Henry's Outlet store toronto

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After my parents finally gave me permission to buy a new camera, I wasn't going to wait another second for my parents to change their mind. But as my luck would have it, Futureshop was out of stock on the camera! So I started looking elsewhere. I finally found this model on Henry' . It was listed for $349. (Body only). And Since I didn't find a column for the lenses, I decided I better just go to the store to choose and pick the lens to go with the body.

Finding it wasn't a problem at all. I walked from the union station down Bay street, and then turned right when I reached queen street. Its located on 69 Queen street East. The store is huge. They have such a wide collection of stuff that I felt like a kid in a candy store. Binoculars, Old film cameras, Old Lenses, Digital cameras, (new)Lenses, even computers and ipod accessories. The store looked kinda busy at first, so I went around looking at the bargain bins. If I wanted to, I could pick out like little tidbits for almost everyone back home.

The salesman assisting me was really nice and helpful. I think his name was paul. I asked about the nikon D40 and canon digital rebel XT and corresponding lenses. When they tell you the prices of the body and lens separately, it sounds low. But the costs add up. In my case, the nikon D40 and lens was gonna be 449. I ended up paying a little more for the lens as opposed to when the lens is bundled with the camera. But it was still cheaper. Mom is expecting me to buy a camera on $519 without taxes.

With tax, my purchase went up to 560. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, that I also bought a memory card. 4 gigs. That's enough for over 500 Raw photographs from my 6 megapixel baby. After I had paid, I asked paul to show me how to put the lens on and basic functions. I was just itching to use my camera. He said the battery might not be charged, but it WAS. I also opened the SD card and shot some pictures in the store. But it was really misty outside, and might be drizzling. So I had it put back into the box.

But I missed my Go train. So I went outside the station and since it wasn't raining, took some photos. Just getting to know the camera better. I was surprised at how much I had actually figured out. But I was nowhere near being able to shoot fast at full manual. And I didn't want to miss the next train. So I went back inside. In oakville, I went to mickey's place, but apparently noone was home. Well, I will just have to go to my place and have all the fun by myself! LOL.

Thank you papa, mummy for letting me buy this.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Flickr Find: Jai Hind

This genius photograph was taken by Shreya. And I was really surprised to find that there was only one other comment on it. This picture deserves some awards.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Online Photo Sharing in Plain English

OMG! These people make everything sound SO convincing! love it!

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