Saturday, November 14, 2009

I want to go get a motorcycle license.

I just woke up from two really amazing dreams! First, I landed in India. I think I go with my parents to my hometown, Akola. Then we depart for Seoni, my mom's hometown.

We interrupt this blog post for the following message:

My nanaji and the entire family lives there in a tall multi-storey building in the middle of the market. There is an electronics shop on the ground floor and residence up above. I have spent many summer days playing board games, video games,watching tv etc. with my cousins inside that house. Heck, we even played cricket in there. As I grew up, we also watched porn, I got caught naked doing um... But I still associate it with my childhood. Thus, I think it was very fitting that I dream about going to seoni on the night of Children's day. In India, the birth of Jawahar Lal Nehru, 14th Nov is celebrated as children's day because he liked children a lot! So, happy children's day everybody.

Back to our scheduled programming...

So, I meet and greet all the family members who are only too excited to see me after such a long time. They would much rather I stay at home and not lift a finger but I end up going shopping with them for groceries. Seoni is a small town. The last time I was there, they still didn't have anything like a superstore. The सबजी बजार or food market was just hawkers lined up along the sides of a street selling their wares. There was hardly ever any room to walk comfortably through there.

And instead of all that, I find myself in this superstore browsing through all the fruits and vegetables! It is an absolutely unbelievable sight to see. I am calmly walking with most of my family. I wonder why someone didn't stay back home. But I talk to them of how amazing this is. The prices, the variety, the quality! When I tell them I don't get some of these vegetables there, they are only too proud. But I tell them that there are certain vegetables they have there that we don't.

Anyways, I am sure they made all that awesome food for me and fed me and i probably put on some meat on my bones but I don't remember dreaming that part. There was a sudden jump or blank out and then this.

I wake up disoriented in the middle of somewhere rocky, and dusty. Everything is ochre like dried rock and sand under the hot sun. I realize I am in/on a contraption that is a motor vehicle but I have a hard time understanding how to operate it. After some effort, I barely get it rolling, but it is not under my control yet. I try changing the gears. Press the lever on the left and tap the foot pedal... but it won't budge... I put a little more strength into it and with a little struggle, it works! Suddenly I see someone else coming towards me on what I clearly recognize as a motorcycle. I guess that's when I realize that I am riding a motorcycle too. I now have control over this beast of a motorcycle and can comfortably maneuver it.

That last one really reminded me of the Royal enfield 500 cc bullet machismo that I used to ride around. However, this was just a bit more surreal. And also, this has given me inspiration to go and get a motorcycle license. I will go to the savannah department of motor vehicles and get my driver's license.

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