Monday, May 18, 2009

Using this for a day made me realize how much I love my Nokia E60

I constantly run out of charge on my old nokia E60 phone. In the winter, I used to think maybe it has something to do with the cold weather. But now that we are in warmer days of mid may, I realized it might not be that. So anyways, I decided to put my sim card in Doni's phone and use it for a day while I leave my phone charging at home.

And what an experience it was. The speaker in the nokia N80 is really small, so the voice from the other side is hard to hear in noisy environments. I had to rely on the loudspeaker mode at the go train station.

Also, the keypad on the phone is much more crammed than on my nokia E60. So typing/dialing is not as easy as it could have been. I also dislike the 5 way joypad vs the joystick on my E60. And the N80 battery too didn't perform considerably better than the one on my trusty nokia E class phone.

In july, It's going to be exactly 3 years since I bought the E60. I don't know what I will upgrade to. And that scares me because even though I might wish to use my old faithful for ever, we all know it's inching closer to it's death each day as I drop it, throw it, spin it, twirl it and put it through the world's most difficult stress test.

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