Saturday, April 04, 2009


My skin condition
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I have a bunch of things going wrong with my hands. One of them is this 'ailment' or condition that I've had ever since I can remember. A particular time of the year, the skin on the inside of my hands, the palm and fingers; starts getting really dry. It will peel off completely, and I will get a new layer of skin. This can be compared to moulting in snakes.

So, I was sitting around people I don't know.. probably on a public transit system. And it didn't seem very crowded, so it couldn't have been India. I really can't say for sure, the dream was very hazy. So, my hands, which are being weird as always, start glowing.

I notice this and hold my hands up. I don't know if I am in pain, because I am just too fascinated and mesmerized by this. The hands now have started giving out beams of light from little openings. It's so bright that the surroundings look like they are totally dark. People around me are also fascinated by this.

Suddenly, someone holds my right hand. Starts stroking it, caressing it ever so gently with her soft hands.. And suddenly, I realize it's Sujata.

Very pleasant dream to wake up to. I just don't know what the glowing hands are supposed to signify.

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